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A panorama view of the area between the river mouth and North Track, showing spinifex planting in progress.

Beach Comparison Photos from the North Track, late 2022

It’s so heartening to see the incipient dunes flourishing south of the river mouth. Birds are nesting in that little haven and as the dunes grow most of the vehicles are staying out. The growth in the dunes in that area is thanks in large part to the hundreds of volunteer and Council staff hours spent in spinifex plantings intended…

Screenshot of the petition text.

2021 Petition on vehicle and horse access to Waikawa Beach

First published 30 November 2021: Today the WBRA received a couple of emails from Arthur Nelson, Property and Parks Manager • Tumu Rawa, Papa Rēhia, Horowhenua District Council about a petition they have received on the topic of access for vehicles and horses to the beach at Waikawa: We have a 160 signature petition from Waikawa Beach Residents asking Council…

Screenshot of the article.

Vehicle traffic erodes a beach

One line in a recent Ōtaki Mail article caught my eye — it’s the emphasised part below: The Otaki Community Board … accepted a petition signed by 35 people asking Greater Wellington Council to expedite construction of a seaward extension bank where Marine Parade ends. … The seaward extension bank was around 100 metres, running from where the tarmac ends…

A fence that used to mark the border of a property hangs uselessly from the eroded dunes.

Normal-elevated risk of a cyclone in 2022-23 season

It was February 2018 when ex-Tropical Cyclone Gita hit Waikawa Beach and caused massive erosion. For the coming season, the risk for an ex-tropical cyclone affecting New Zealand is considered near normal to elevated. A 2-metre drop where vehicles used to drive onto the beach. Each year we could potentially get another storm like that. This is the kind of…

Cabbage tree stands in water.

Sea-level rise around Aotearoa New Zealand is speeding up

Sea-level rise around Aotearoa New Zealand is speeding up, according to Stats NZ. That brings increased risks of flooding and erosion, drainage problems, groundwater levels increase, and possible intrusion of salt water into the underground aquifers. According to Coastal sea-level rise | Stats NZ: Wellington’s mean sea-levels rose by 2.84 (±0.18) mm per year between 1961 and 2020. This is…

A frenzy of sea foam, with Kāpiti Island in the background.

A foaming high tide, 13 July 2022

It's winter so lots of rain, gales, high tides and big swells out in the open sea are only to be expected. On 13 July 2022 a quick tour to all the beach entrances at high tide showed a full bay, with water right up to the dunes. Along the coast near the south track off Reay Mackay Grove the sea had been…