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Big List of 56 Waikawa Beach Birds

4 spoonbills and an Oystercatcher in flight above the beach.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Over the 7+ years I've been visiting or living at Waikawa Beach I've come to realise we have a lot of birds around here. We have several environments: rural, urban (village), coast, lake, wetland, exotic forest. 

I'm no bird expert, but as I've noticed or taken photos of various birds I've researched what I've seen and drawn conclusions I hope are accurate. If you know your birds please do contribute your expertise.

Today I compiled a big list of Waikawa Beach birds — 52 in all (update: now 57). I've seen all these birds myself, with a couple of exceptions: I've only heard the Bittern, the Pipiwhararoa (Shining Cuckoo) and the Bellbird. John Hewitson found and rescued a live Little Blue Penguin on the beach one day, while I've only seen dead penguins on our beach.

My list is only of live birds — I've seen others washed ashore dead. Note: I plan to link from that list to at least one post about each bird on this site. 

How many birds from the list have you seen? Below are a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet of the list. 

Update, 23 March 2022: folks on the Waikawa Beach Facebook Group added two birds: Morepork often heard about half way along Waikawa Beach Road, and a Black Shag (or perhaps Little Black Shag) seen hanging out with the Pied Shags near the footbridge. They've been added to the list below, but not the spreadsheet or the PDF checklist. 

Big list of birds at Waikawa Beach  

  1. Australasian bittern: 05 He aha tērā? Bittern
  2. Australian Coot: Australian Coot With Chicks
  3. Australian Shoveler: 16 He Aha Tera? Australasian Shoveler
  4. Banded Dotterel: Little Dots The Dotterels
  5. Bar-tailed Godwit: 27 He Aha Tera? Bar-tailed Godwit
  6. Bellbird (heard only)
  7. Black Swan: 18 He Aha Tera? Black Swan
  8. Black-backed Gull: 09 He Aha Tera? Black-backed Gull
  9. Blackbird: Blackbird, Manu Pango
  10. California Quail: California Quail
  11. Canada Goose: 15 He Aha Tera? Canada Goose
  12. Caspian Tern: Taranui Caspian Terns
  13. Chaffinch: 30 He Aha Tera? Chaffinch
  14. Eastern Rosella: Eastern Rosella
  15. Fantail
  16. Goldfinch: 33 He Aha Tera? Goldfinch
  17. Greenfinch: 10 He Aha Tera? Greenfinch
  18. Grey Duck
  19. Grey Warbler: Riroriro, Grey Warbler
  20. Greylag Goose: 11 He Aha Tera? Greylag Goose
  21. Little Black Shag: Little Black Shag
  22. Little Blue Penguin
  23. Magpie
  24. Mallard Duck: 17 He Aha Tera? Mallard Duck
  25. Morepork (heard only)
  26. NZ Dabchick: Dabchick And Chick
  27. NZ Scaup: NZ Scaup
  28. NZ Dotterel: Little Dots The Dotterels
  29. Pied Shag: 25 He Aha Tera? Pied Shag
  30. Pied Stilt: 06 He Aha Tera? Pied Stilt
  31. Pukeko: Pukeko At Lake Puna O Te Ora
  32. Rainbow Lorikeet: 23 He Aha Tera? Rainbow Lorikeet
  33. Red-billed Gull: Red-billed Gulls
  34. Ring-necked Dove: 02 He Aha Tera? Barbary Dove
  35. Ring-necked Pheasant: 08 He Aha Tera? Ring-necked Pheasant
  36. Rock Pigeons: Rock Pigeons
  37. Royal Spoonbill: Flock Of Spoonbills
  38. Sacred Kingfisher: 32 He Aha Tera? Kingfisher
  39. Shining Cuckoo (heard only)
  40. Skylark: 19 He Aha Tera? Skylark
  41. Song Thrush: 29 He Aha Tera? Thrush
  42. South Island Pied Oystercatcher
  43. Sparrow
  44. Spur-winged Plover
  45. Starling
  46. Swamp Harrier: 04 He Aha Tera? Hawk
  47. Tūī: 31 He Aha Tera? Tūī
  48. Variable Oystercatcher: 03 He Aha Tera? Variable Oystercatcher
  49. Waxeye:
  50. Welcome Swallow: Warou Welcome Swallow
  51. White Heron: 13 He Aha Tera? White Heron
  52. White-faced Heron: He Aha Tera White-Faced Heron
  53. White-fronted Tern
  54. Wrybill: The Wrybill
  55. Yellowhammer: The Yellowhammer
  56. Kererū (spotted for the first time in August 2022)
  57. Pīpīwharauroa, Shining cuckoo (heard but not seen for the first time in November 2022)
  58. Ruddy Turnstone (seen for the first time in December 2022)

Big bird spreadsheet (excludes Kererū, Pīpīwharauroa and Ruddy Turnstone)

Checklist of birds (22KB PDF) (excludes Kererū, Pīpīwharauroa and Ruddy Turnstone)





This item was updated on Tuesday 06 December 2022

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