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Wow Waikawa! photo riddles Sheet B

These photos are not part of the hunt. Miraz Jordan

Can you solve the riddles to spot the photos? When you find a photo make a sketch, or take a photo, or write something about what's in the photo and where it is. Sheet A and Sheet B have different riddles for the same photos. PDF of Sheet B to print at home (2 MB).

Note: sadly, photos 47 and 54 have disappeared.

Wow Waikawa! photos CLUE SHEET B

003Pretty in pastel. 
009 Where water and yellow are close, here are ngā kurī hiding.
014 In the East, not too far from where Sarah met the sand dune, you may find golden taonga.
017Yakkety yak. 
021In the pink. 
022Oh kiwi Christmas Tree. 
026All natural! 
027 It all starts near here, as you may notice, even if it's dark.
033Out of the shadows. 
034 There's a quacking good view across paddocks to the river from here — if you can see over the fence, that is!
047Splish splosh. 
050 It's all so new around here! Half way between the tracks to te moana look west.
051Don't cross the divide. 
054Where did Santa go? 
057 This skeleton is colourfully lit, in the dark of the evening. Santa may spot it.
058 It's green, but it's not kai for ngā hōiho!
060 Sit here for kai and to reflect while you look up river. 
061It's not easy being green. 
073No trespassing. 
078 There's blue on the green near the fluffy white sheep. 
081 Where two roads meet and ducks paddle beware the big waves. Look behind!
082 You'll most easily see this if you cross te awa, go south a bit, then look low and east.
083Who's that at my door? 
085 Cathryn might have got a letter.
086Whatcha doing? 
087Take a seat. 
089 Find the pippi and look across the road by the paddock, by the tree, by the powerpole.
091My, what long legs you have! 
096My beach hideaway. 
100 Fires? No way!
117 You can be relieved and jump for joy here!

This item was updated on Saturday 22 January 2022

I live at Waikawa Beach and love all the wildlife, fauna and flora.