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Wow Waikawa! photo riddles Sheet A

Wow Waikawa! photo riddles Sheet A

Can you solve the riddles to spot the photos? When you find a photo make a sketch, or take a photo, or write something about what's in the photo and where it is. Sheet A and Sheet B (available later) have different riddles for the same photos. PDF to print at home (4 MB).

003 To see te motu take Sarah north, turn towards the bridge then look right.
009Slicing through the circles. 
014Pure gold. 
017 You can't miss Mavis's buoys.
021 Find a hidden playground where you can swing free.
022 There's Christmas red just under the light at the end of the road.
026 If you're travelling in te waka you may need provisions. Beware the mud.
029 Ahhh, what better place to view ngā whetū from than on the water? Fiery!
033 From the shelter of the tree look east to see a shadowy figure cross the water into the light
034It's a blue and yellow kind of day. 
047 Go north before you cross over then look down to your left
050Clip clop. 
051 Don't go too fast over the bump…
054 Which Grove?
057That's a bit fishy! 
058Any oysters round here? 
060Which way up? 
061 Look under the tree, between the fences, on the berm. Get Duncan (aged 11) to help.
073 This hidden bench is a lovely place to read by te awa. Thank Graham Kennedy Hassell.
078Not a hedgehog. 
081Walk this way. 
082Nothing like a cuppa and some fresh air. 
083 Arthur, you say?
085Just chilling. 
086 You wouldn't want anyone peeking in around here.
087 What goes around comes around.
089At the going down of the sun… 
091 Here's one way to te moana. Feet allowed but no wheels!
096 Some bushwhacking may be required. Not so much if you start at the rocks instead of the Street.
100Holding the line. 
117Jump for joy when you find this. 

This item was updated on Saturday 22 January 2022

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