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Taranui, Caspian terns

Taranui Caspian terns on a low tide beach at dawn.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Down by the Waiorongomai Stream mouth at dawn on 06 March 2022 were a couple of Taranui, Caspian terns:

A very large heavily built tern, silver-grey above and white below, with dark wing tips, a large pointed bright red bill with dark tip, a relatively short slightly forked tail.
Length: 50 cm; Weight: 700 g.
There is little evidence of Caspian terns in coastal deposits of subfossil bones in New Zealand, indicating that they may have colonised recently or had a very restricted distribution here until the early 20th century. Although widespread now, Caspian terns remain uncommon in New Zealand, with around 1300-1400 breeding pairs estimated.

Taranui Caspian tern in flight.

Taranui Caspian tern in flight.

Two Taranui Caspian terns in flight.

Solitary Taranui Caspian tern on a low tide beach at dawn.

This item was updated on Sunday 06 March 2022

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