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An orange and red insect that looks almost transparent.

The bud-galling wasp may be on its way here

Apparently Waikawa Beach lies at the southern end of the range of the Sydney golden wattle — an acacia that can take over dunes, crowding out other plants, leads to sand blowouts and releases allergens that affect hayfever sufferers. It also creates substantial fire risks. That’s why Horizons Regional Council has applied to import and release a bud-galling wasp to…

Stoat behind wire with bloodied body and mouth open revealing fangs.

Stoats are savage pests

Like everywhere else in the country we have our share of pests. One to watch out for is the stoat. Some folks have had success trapping them. When I’ve spotted stoats they’ve looked very handsome. Unfortunately they’re killers. I lost several quail to one and neighbours have lost chickens. Who knows what damage they’ve done to native birds! DoC say:…