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Spider webs blanket a paddock.

June is gossamer month

Kezna Cameron let me know about something that happens in June — a Gossamer Event: where spiders coat our wet land in cobwebs This is when thousands of young spiderlings climb the stalks of plants to play out silk that is caught by the breeze. This allows a spider to take to the air and disperse to new areas and…

Large grey dappled moth.

Hīhue or Convolvulus hawk moth

I was watering the garden in February 2020, when a grey ‘leaf’ on a flax stalk moved. On closer inspection I found a moth, about 5 cm long. An expert on the NZ Bug Identification Facebook group tells me this is a Convolvulus hawk moth: Agrius convolvuli or hīhue.

Monarch butterfly with wings spread.

Monarch Day

Today’s the day, at least at our house, when all the Monarch chrysalises are releasing butterflies.

Large dragonfly on a hand.

Bush giant dragonfly

Sometimes in summer a Bush giant dragonfly finds its way into the house and then gets ‘stuck’ in a corner. I can cup my hands around it to take it outside to freedom. The other day I managed to ‘catch’ one in flight above the lake (Puna o te Ora) at the corner of Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove.

Large fly with pale spots behind wings.

Bush Gadfly

I found this roughly 3 cm long insect on the garage wall on 16 December 2021. The Faceboook Invertebrate ID group IDed it for me. Bush gadfly (Scaptia adrel): Scaptia adrel has large, iridescent, reflective eyes and a prominent proboscis. There are two distinctive patches of white hairs on each side of its thorax just behind the wings and one…