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SCreenshot from Stellarium showing Jupietr and venus next to one another.

Jupiter and Venus 'star' together on 01 May 2022

You may have been watching the evolving pre-dawn line up of planets in the eastern sky. I mentioned them at 4 Planets and the crescent Moon and When planets align. On 01 May 2022, just before dawn, there’s a special treat when Jupiter and Venus will be so close together it may be hard to tell them apart. Both planets…

Screenshot showing the planets and crescent moon.

4 Planets and the crescent Moon

At 0644 on 31 March 2022 the Eastern sky brought us an unusual sight: low in the sky a crescent Moon, right beside mighty Jupiter. Arrayed above them, Venus, Saturn and Mars. My photos don’t do them justice. To keep an eye on the sky, you might find Stellarium Web Online Star Map very useful. Set your location in the…