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Summer 2021 Game

Spot the Wow Waikawa! photos

Grab a Clue Sheet and spot all 30 photos

Clue Sheets are at Awa Pukapuka and on this website or email photos@wow-waikawa.nz and ask for one. 

All photos are within the area of the map above.
Some are simple to find.
Others need a bit of sleuthing.
Some are big; some are small.
Look at the photos but don’t touch.
Note down what’s in the photo, its number, and where it is.

Have fun!

This event created by Miraz Jordan & Charlie Strivens is supported by the Horowhenua District Council Creative Communities Scheme.

This item was updated on Saturday 22 January 2022

I live at Waikawa Beach and love all the wildlife, fauna and flora.