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Transparent pink circular jelly on the beach.

Pink jellyfish

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe this roughly 15 cm pink or red jelly on the beach may have been a Lion’s Mane. I’d be keen to get confirmation or correction. Update 02-Mar-22: The Wildlife of New Zealand Facebook group confirmed it as a Lion’s Mane.

Red-hued large dead fish.


A fellow on the beach today was fishing in a very interesting way. He had a couple of rods and reels on the beach. To carry the line out to sea though he used a drone. He said he was fishing for gurnard, trevally or tāmure, snapper. The photo shows the vehicle with fishing rods, and also almost out of…

Large grey dappled moth.

Hīhue or Convolvulus hawk moth

I was watering the garden in February 2020, when a grey ‘leaf’ on a flax stalk moved. On closer inspection I found a moth, about 5 cm long. An expert on the NZ Bug Identification Facebook group tells me this is a Convolvulus hawk moth: Agrius convolvuli or hīhue.

Large white birds behind or beside a large piece of driftwood.

Flock of Spoonbills

I tend to see ngutupapa, Royal Spoonbills on the beach solitary, in pairs or even three at a time. Today is the first time I've seen a flock of maybe 12 or 15 — I was unable to actually count because of distance and the big piece of driftwood. This flock was sheltering from the southerly behind a big bit…

Monarch butterfly with wings spread.

Monarch Day

Today’s the day, at least at our house, when all the Monarch chrysalises are releasing butterflies.

Six Kuaka in flight.

Kuaka, Godwits

The amazing Kuaka, Godwit flies between Aotearoa New Zealand and the Arctic every year to feed and breed. They are a similar size to the more delicate Pied Stilt. These were on the shore recently.

Black backed gull in flight with wings down.

Karoro in flight

Hand held photos of a Karoro, Southern black-backed gull as it flew by. Black-backed gulls are often seen on the water’s edge where they scavenge corpses and fish frames washed up on the tide.

Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest Wrap-up

Wow Waikawa! Photo Fest Wrap-up Note: as of today, 18 January 2022, some photos have disappeared or been taken down. Others may stay in place for a while. 003 009 014 017 021 022 026 027 029 033 034 047 050 051 054 057 058 060 061 073 078 081 082 083 085 086 087 089 091 096 100 117…