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Jupiter and Venus 'star' together on 01 May 2022

SCreenshot from Stellarium showing Jupietr and venus next to one another.

You may have been watching the evolving pre-dawn line up of planets in the eastern sky. I mentioned them at 4 Planets and the crescent Moon and When planets align.

On 01 May 2022, just before dawn, there’s a special treat when Jupiter and Venus will be so close together it may be hard to tell them apart.

Stellarium screenshot that seems to only show Venus.

Both planets are quite bright: Venus is the ‘star’ you can usually still see either before sunset or after dawn when the sky’s light has obscured all others, but Jupiter’s pretty bright too.

For more information watch the first two or three minutes of the excellent YouTube video, Night Sky News April 2022 by Dr. Becky Smethurst, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford.

Watch a few more minutes of the video to also find out about the Eta Aquarids meteor shower that we may be able to see on 06 and 07 May 2022. Video timings, in part:

00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - 4 planets aligned in morning sky
01:23 - Toenail Moon and 4 planets
01:51 - Jupiter & Venus conjunction
02:30 - Mercury, Pleiades & crescent Moon

04:54 - Eta Aquarids meteor shower

This item was updated on Friday 22 April 2022

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