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Flock of Spoonbills

Large white birds behind or beside a large piece of driftwood.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

I tend to see ngutupapa, Royal Spoonbills on the beach solitary, in pairs or even three at a time. Today is the first time I've seen a flock of maybe 12 or 15 — I was unable to actually count because of distance and the big piece of driftwood.

This flock was sheltering from the southerly behind a big bit of driftwood — another reason to leave driftwood on the beach rather than cutting it up and taking it away. The ngutupapa were joined by a few Pied Stilts too, who could see the sense in taking shelter.

Such wonderful birds, and it's thrilling to see them here in numbers.

This item was updated on Monday 14 February 2022

I live at Waikawa Beach and love all the wildlife, fauna and flora.