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Dead eels at Waiorongomai Stream mouth

Dead eel in shallow water.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Saddened today to discover half a dozen dead eels at the mouth of the Waiorongomai Stream. Each eel was about a metre long. I’ve been researching eels but am unsure if they’re Longfin or Shortfin.

Dead eel in the stream.

Some information about eels:

How to tell apart the three species of freshwater eels in New Zealand - each species is unique in its own way.
At first glance, all New Zealand freshwater eels look the same, but there are three species:

  • Longfin eel. Conservation status: At Risk- Declining. Found only in New Zealand.
  • Shortfin eel. Conservation status: Not Threatened. Found in New Zealand, Australia and some Pacific Islands.
  • Spotted eel. A visitor from Australia.

This item was updated on Sunday 27 March 2022

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