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Bittern by north track

In the last couple of days a local spotted the elusive Matuku-hūrepo, Australasian Bittern only a couple of metres from the north track off Reay Mackay Grove.

A large, stocky heron with a thick neck, heavy yellowish bill and relatively short yellow legs. The beige plumage has dark brown streaking and mottling, and there is a buff eye-stripe on the mainly dark head.

Keep your eyes peeled for this bird. It’s a similar size and weight to a Peihana, Pheasant.

See also Australasian Bittern - eBird which has local (Horowhenua) sightings, photos and audio. Photos below by Kezna Cameron.

Bittern in flight over a lake.

Bittern hiding beside grasses.

This item was updated on Saturday 05 March 2022

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