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Australian coot with chicks

Coot with 3 chicks, and another bird.
Miraz Jordan

It’s the right time of year for the Australian coots on the lakes at the corner of Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove to have babies. I spotted these today.

Coot with 4 chicks.

The Australian coot is a smart, dark-grey, duck-like waterbird, instantly recognisable from its bright white bill and frontal shield. … The Australian coot is a recent arrival in New Zealand, first recorded breeding here in 1958. Their colonisation partially fills the niche left vacant by the extinction of the New Zealand coot, which was widespread before the arrival of Maori.

Adult Australian coots are entirely slate-grey with a white bill and frontal shield. They have red eyes and large grey feet with lobed toes. Sexes are alike.

This item was updated on Monday 27 December 2021

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